Design Anthropology at Swinburne University of Technology

I’ve been looking for postgraduate Design Anthropology courses around the world that I can apply for. I came across this one at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. There’s a video on the course description page entitled ‘What is Design Anthropology’. The video briefly hints at a human-centered design approach, but Dori Tunstall also describes Design Anthropology as:

how processes and artifacts of design help define what it means to be human.

To me, this is a different definition of Design Anthropology than I had previously assumed. It seems almost more the Anthropology of Design (studying the practice and artifacts of design), rather than the use of ethnographic methods in order to create designs. Perhaps design anthropology covers both of these areas, differentiating it from human-centered design?



  1. Irina Belova

    Hi Gillian, I came across this post while doing my own research about design anthropology courses I could do. Just wondering if you ended up taking the course in Swinburne? Would love to talk to some past students about it…

    • Hi Irina, sorry I didn’t end up taking this course so can’t help you there. I ended up in the School of Design at Victoria University (NZ).

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