Innovation – Charles Leadbeater

This TED talk by Charles Leadbeater deals with some of the issues around innovation. He talks about radical innovations and their uncertain applications versus incremental innovation. He also gives examples about how our perception of creativity has shifted from lone geniuses to collaborative, passionate user based innovation. Also, the move from closed resources to open-source material. This trend is similar to the shifting approach from traditional design to a human-centred approach including participatory-design and co-design.

Part 1

Part 2


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  1. Mark Mcguire

    Hi Gillian

    The shift from the lone genius idea reminds me of a 2009 TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity:

    She says that, in the Renaissance, “People started to believe that creativity came completely from the “self” of the individual,” and, for the first time in history, you start to hear people referring to this or that artist as being a genius, rather than having a genius”. However, she doesn’t make the ling between creativity and group, collaborative, or network processes and practices. Instead, she prefers to thing of some kind of (almost devine) intervention.

    The question of where creativity (and good ideas) comes from, and how conditions can be created to maximize the creative potential of individuals and groups, is a very interesting one.

    Mark McGuire

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