Open Innovation

One of my Lecturers Mark McGuire recently wrote a blog post about open education. In the post he mentioned the WikiEducator site, which is on track to turn open education from an idea into reality. What I’ve noticed in my research, however, is more ‘open innovation’ than ‘open education.’ Take the international design company IDEO for example. They are very well known, and sought after, so perhaps the need for their services outweighs the amount of businesses they are capable of working with due to their capacity. So, they’ve started to make their methods and their knowledge open for the world to see. You can learn about the design thinking method of IDEO by checking out their method cards and their human centered design toolkit – which is a free download, and is very comprehensive. At another level of collaboration and open knowledge, IDEO have introduced OpenIDEO which i’ve blogged about here and here, and IDEO patterns, which I blogged about here. These websites share the knowledge that IDEO has created over many years, and let other people join in to help solve problems of many scales using the design thinking method. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

A range of services and resources that have branched from IDEO

You can learn more about Open Innovation from the Wikipedia page and this website dedicated to the open innovation in theory and in practice.


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