– a new nonprofit

Two days ago IDEO launched a non profit platform called to help spread human-centered design through the social sector.

IDEO has been cropping up a lot in my research about design innovation. They were the founders of the design thinking method, a human-centred approach to design. Although there are many methods within the emergent field of design innovation, IDEO’s metods are the most highly publicised and well-known internationally. have just taken on their first three projects, one for TED, one for Winrock International, and one for the Rockefeller Center. Their plan is to tackle poverty related projects for non-profits, social enterprises, and foundations. Here’s the description of the project they’ve just started for TEDx:

The purpose of the TEDx in a Box concept is to give TEDx organizers the tools necessary to host TEDx events in under-resourced areas and informal settlements around the world. TEDx has been experimenting with this idea and has previously distributed ten boxes at locations around the world. TEDx engaged to redesign the TEDx in a Box in a human-centered way, incorporating feedback from TEDx experiences with the initial boxes. The TEDx in a Box must be operational in areas with limited access to electricity and infrastructure, and be able to cross language barriers.


What do you think?

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