Sir Ken Robinson – TED & RSA

Recently my Lecturer Mark McGuire wrote a blog post about Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk entitled ‘Bring on the Learning Revolution.’ This talk inspired the recent Tedx London even which Mark has talked about here.

Here’s a video of the TED Speech: Bring on the Learning Revolution.

Watching the video reminded me that I’d come across another talk on a similar subject by Sir Ken Robinson, which was part of the RSA animate series. Earlier in the year I blogged about a video called ‘Where good ideas come from’ by Steven Johnson from this series by the British RSA. So I thought I’d post Sir Ken Robinson’s RSA animate talk below, to compare the different presentation styles.

I personally think that both videos are very engaging, as Sir Ken Robinson is a very good speaker. But I think they show us that we can be creative with the delivery of a message. Perhaps the two different forms of delivery target different audiences. I think that both series (TED and RSA) have done an excellent job of taking knowledge that once would have been shared with a few hundred people, and sharing it with millions. If these messages are worth spreading, then I think not only the message but the delivery of those messages is very important, and where we communication designers we need to get strategic.


What do you think?

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