InnoCentive – Crowdsourcing

InnoCentive is an alternative to Open IDEO with a similar method of using crowdsourcing to solve problems. It connects organisations to diverse sources of innovation including employees, customers, partners, and members of InnoCentive. Leading commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations such as NASA, Procter & Gamble, and Roche have partnered with InnoCentive to solve problems and innovate.
It would be interesting to evaluate a service like InnoCentive, to see whether offering a larger quantity of crowdsourced problem solvers correlates with a higher quality of solutions to problems. Some have compared this type of crowdsourcing to spec work, which is viewed negatively by many designers. The key may lie in the communication between parties, so that concepts are well thought out and based on deep insights rather than superficial information.

What do you think?

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