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Currently I’m five weeks away from finishing my dissertation about design innovation methods, and using design as a research method. One of my lecturers Mark McGuire from the University of Otago has written a pretty comprehensive blog post about Open Access Journals, so I’ve been looking for possible places that I could publish my work in.

I came across a suitable forum by searching through the lists Mark talked about. I think my work could fit in the ‘International Journal of Qualitative Methods.’ It sounds like a very broad theme for a journal, but after reading the description it seems appropriate:

“The International Journal of Qualitative Methods (ISSN: 16094069) is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly as a web-based journal by the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology at the University of Alberta, Canada, and its international affiliates. Our goals are to advance the development of qualitative methods, and to disseminate methodological knowledge to the broadest possible community of academics, students, and professionals who undertake qualitative research. By keeping the journal free of charge, we hope to reach an audience who, for whatever reason, do not read traditional, subscription -based journals.”

International Journal of Qualitative Methods

In my work I’ve looked at three design innovation methods (which are all qualitative): Design Thinking, Design-Driven Innovation, and Structured Planning. I’ve also used designing as a research method to complete my dissertation, so I think my work would fit with this journal on two levels.

If you’re looking for an Open Access Journal to publish work in I’d suggest checking out the links from Mark Mcguire’s blog post.



  1. Mark Mcguire

    Hi Gillian.

    Thanks for highlighting this journal, which is new to me, even though it has been published since 2002. It is open access and all articles are peer reviewed The U of Alberta is a good university and the editorial board is impressive. If you check their stats, they have accepted over 40% of submissions in the last three years – about four times what you might expect for an established journal. Earlier years show an even higher percentage of accepted papers. I see that is is supported by the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, which is based at the U of Alberta. This institute is worth checking out, as it is a centre for qualitative methodologies.


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