Tim Brown and Bruce Nussbaum in Conversation

This video is a conversation between Tim Brown (of IDEO) and Bruce Nussbaum (of BusinessWeek and The New School). The first 45 minutes are a conversation style interview of Tim Brown and the rest is a question & answer session.

Issues discussed include the benefits of constant incremental innovation from within an organisation in a participatory fashion versus a singular radical change. Brown seems to think that the first can be more successful in it’s implementation. This opinion is counter to Verganti’s Design-Driven Innovation approach that I have been studying alongside Brown’s Design Thinking approach. There is also a discussion of how Design Thinking needs to be moved upstream to tackle the large issues we face today. These problems have to be tackled with a collaborative systems approach. Brown talks about this shift from lone genius type designer to collaborative teams of not only designers, but all types of users and professions working to create solutions together. He puts it down to a necessity brought about by the changing type and scale of issues that we face today.

Here are some thoughts from Tim Brown:

What is Design Thinking?

“It starts with people, what many of us here might call human-centred design, and then it uses a set of creative tools, the tools that we have developed as designers, like experimentation, prototyping, storytelling, visual thinking to develop ideas, such that they become useful solutions.” – Tim Brown

On why Design Thinking works:

“Because it’s participative, because the people that are going to be responsible for delivering the change are designing the change, we end up with that change actually happening.” – Tim Brown


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