Design Needs Process Models

“Design is a young profession … Typically, models remain implicit … Universities, professional organizations, and design practitioners have much opportunity to improve the way designers learn – to develop systems for forming and reforming models of design processes.”

(Dubberly “Models of Models” 4)

As Dubberly has suggested, there is a need for designers to create process models in order to educate future designers more effectively. The design process is often seen as an esoteric process, which is constantly changing. However, some parts of the design process are replicable, and can be generalised. Three process models of design innovation (or strategic design) which I have been studying are Design Thinking, Design-Driven Innovation, and Structured Planning. You can see articles about each of these frameworks here.

If you google images of the design process then here’s what you get:

Design Processes – a google search

Obviously there are a lot of inconsistent process models out there – but they don’t seem to include important things like innovation, research, or a user-centered approach. Perhaps with the changing role of design, some thought needs to be given to new processes and how we visualise them.


What do you think?

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