TED Talk – The future of design is human-centered – by David Kelley

In this video filmed in 2002 David Kelley (founder of IDEO) talks about how their is a move from product centered design to human-centered design. In human-centered design there is a large focus on human experience. The video consists of a four minute introduction, then Kelley shows videos of some work IDEO has been doing. The examples include:

  • Prada Shop – custom technology usage including devices for staff members, and a magic mirror.
  • London Science Museum – Interactive wall which tells you what people are thinking about and interactive games about exhibitions
  • CBS – Designing a cubicle for Dilbert
  • Greenwich Watercycle Pavillion – A peaceful display about water recyclying
  • Spyfish – Underwater cameras to simulate scuba diving
  • ApproTec – making nonprofit products in Kenya
These examples give an idea of the sort of outcomes that design thinking can lead to. All of the outcomes are innovative in some way. They go about solving existing issues in new ways. They also have a playful approach to problem solving.

What do you think?

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