RSAnimate – Where Good Ideas Come From, by Steven Johnson

For over 250 years the RSA (royal society for the encouragement of arts manufactures and commerce) has been encouraging enlightenment and social progress. They take a multi-disciplinary approach and encourage public discourse and debate. There is a whole section on their website devoted to design. They also create briefs for design students. In a previous post I mentioned Tim Brown’s discussion of the changing role of design and how e used to have a very narrow focus, which is now widening. The RSA design briefs really show this – with briefs for designing postage stamps to decreasing the social isolation of elderly people through encouraging intergenerational relationships.

The video below is part of the RSAnimate series, where speeches given by experts were animated by Cognitive Media. This video is a talk by Steven Johnson which has been animated. He talks about where good ideas come from. This has always been of interest to designers. Strategic design aims to demystify the design process – including how designers come up with their ideas.


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